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The Bret Leifer Rare Coin Letter September 2001 NEWSLETTER
Professional advice you can trust


DEALERS inventories of what we refer to as HIGH END COINS, are shrinking. These are the best coins you can own. As many of you know, we only offer hand picked coins that Bret Leifer would put in his own portfolio. And as each year passes, it is getting more difficult for us to find those special pieces. Fortunately, we have sold millions worth of coins, so eventually we do get them back from our clients. Many dealers never want to see their coins again, because they are so ugly. The fact is none of us really own the coins, we are only the "caretakers" of these pieces of history for a period of time. Then, we pass them on. We get satisfaction of caring and looking at them for our time. And if we are fortunate, we might make a buck! Bret Leifer sells the best coins in America, at fair prices. He always has, and he always will. These coins will make you happy.

Since the NASDAQ started to come down in 2000, the prices of most coins have come down also. The higher priced rare pieces seem to be most effected by this. Generally, with the exception of pre-1800 pieces, prices are soft. So, if you are looking to add to your collection, the time may be perfect!

We do believe that as the United States rebuilds and spends our way out of the cowardly attack on American civilians, inflationary forces will be good for tangibles.Gold and gold coins have always responded favorably to these erosionary forces. We think this is a no brainer.

Rare coins, like other vehicles go through predictable market cycles. Right now, the prices of many coins are lower now than they were in 1979. Because prices are extremely low and the coin market appears poised to begin a significant move upward, carefully selected rare coins possess limited downside risk, while offering greater upside potential. In the period between 1976-1980, virtaullay every quality rare coin increased from 80-600%. in value.

If all the spending we do to revitalize the economy, and this seems certain to me, produces even the whiff of inflation, we could be off to the races again. Collectors also have great passion and satisfaction in creating something of value, which can be passed on to future generations.

Remember, I am the person who will talk with you, not a sales person. I know coins. If you are building a quality collection, I will help. I will personally see to it that you own the coins that offer phenomenal possibilities when the market rises again or coins that are an insurance policy.

If you have "any questions" call 1-800-331-2646(COIN). Either Alexis, Nancy, or I will answer. Not all people know about rare coins. Be one of the select few that will capitalize on owning quality tangible assets. It will be the smartest call you make.

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Bret Leifer Numismatics (BLN) is a full-service rare coin firm. We offer investors, and collectors expert advice and guidance in the selection of high-quality and undervalued U.S. rare coins. WE DO APPRAISALS FOR ESTATES. --- WE BUY COINS and COLLECTIONS.---

By adding rare coins to your overall portfolio, you increase diversification and can provide a hedge against inflation and the uncertainties of paper assets.

We regard coins as proven investment oriented collectibles and as historic works of art. This is not surprising since company president, Bret Leifer, was a financial planner and public accountant with degrees in Accounting and Finance. One primary goal is to protect your wealth while we strive to increase it. If you can have some fun while doing it, all the better. We want to help you create a wonderful coin collection.

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