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The Bret Leifer Rare Coin Letter Spring 2003 NEWSLETTER
Professional advice you can trust

Dear Collector:

Our country is still in the midst of financial uncertainty as we continue to fight the war on terrorism, here and abroad. Given this, it is time to re-evaluate your rare coin position. Since tangible assets, such as gold and silver, are more popular now, they offer a security that traditional investments haven’t experienced in quite a while. A collection of coins is fun also.

Rare coins, similar to your investments, go through fairly predictable market cycles. Currently the prices of many coins are lower than they have been in the recent past. Right now, bullion type coins or selected rarities are the way to go. You should own the coins that dealers own. This will increase your liquidity, and some coins are now hot!

The ongoing process of upgrading is important to many collectors, and now is an opportune time to trade-up for a better example of a favorite coin.


We like the metals market so much that we bought two silver futures contracts. They seem very cheap to us, so we are risking a few bucks to control 10,000 ounces of silver. We feel the same way about most gold coins, especially $20 gold pieces.

In the entire recorded history of man, the only commodity that has ever held onto its value as a measure of worth and buying power is gold. The price of gold has moved slowly, but it has protected its owners over the long term. It is the only real money and a great store of value. It doesn’t represent any other money and it has no debt.

I truly believe that we are seeing the beginning of a world-educated American buyer of gold and, not too far off in the future, we will be in the midst of a rip-roaring gold bull market. If you follow the money supply numbers, they are astronomical.

Whether you are looking to own one important, magnificent coin or you are building a million dollar collection (and everything in between) we can assist you in your endeavor.

When you would like to talk to an expert, call me, Bret Leifer, at 1-800-331-2646 (COIN).

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Bret Leifer Numismatics (BLN) is a full-service rare coin firm. We offer investors, and collectors expert advice and guidance in the selection of high-quality and undervalued U.S. rare coins. WE DO APPRAISALS FOR ESTATES. --- WE BUY COINS and COLLECTIONS.---

By adding rare coins to your overall portfolio, you increase diversification and can provide a hedge against inflation and the uncertainties of paper assets.

We regard coins as proven investment oriented collectibles and as historic works of art. This is not surprising since company president, Bret Leifer, was a financial planner and public accountant with degrees in Accounting and Finance. One primary goal is to protect your wealth while we strive to increase it. If you can have some fun while doing it, all the better. We want to help you create a wonderful coin collection.

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