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The Bret Leifer Rare Coin Letter Winter 2004 NEWSLETTER
Professional advice you can trust

Dear Collector,

The year 2004 has been a good year for coins. 2003 was also a good year. There are thousands of new collectors who began collecting coins this year. Some of these people were drawn into coins because of the new state quarter program. These people (usually ages 40-70) collected coins as kids and now that spirit has been re-awakened all these years later. Now successful, these new collectors can afford to spend many thousands of dollars for those special coins they once drooled over as eager, young collectors.

Some new people are drawn into coins because they wish to diversify into gold. Gold coins are a way to enjoy history and collecting. As many of you know, it is extremely satisfying to obtain these special pieces that you've always wanted; those special coins that make your collection more meaningful to you.

In general, many coins went up 20% since the beginning of the year. Some of those gold coins came back down 20% so they are even, and still represent good values. Some coins are up more than that, and premium quality pieces are still getting very difficult to locate. In my opinion, the competition for nice coins will keep getting get stronger in the next few years.

And of course - ALWAYS TRADE non-useful coins for better coins. Coins that will suit your purpose! So many people I speak with have all this residual coin material lying around. It should be traded for better coins!


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Bret Leifer Numismatics (BLN) is a full-service rare coin firm. We offer investors, and collectors expert advice and guidance in the selection of high-quality and undervalued U.S. rare coins. WE DO APPRAISALS FOR ESTATES. --- WE BUY COINS and COLLECTIONS.---

By adding rare coins to your overall portfolio, you increase diversification and can provide a hedge against inflation and the uncertainties of paper assets.

We regard coins as proven investment oriented collectibles and as historic works of art. This is not surprising since company president, Bret Leifer, was a financial planner and public accountant with degrees in Accounting and Finance. One primary goal is to protect your wealth while we strive to increase it. If you can have some fun while doing it, all the better. We want to help you create a wonderful coin collection.

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